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How to transfer iPod songs to PS3


This tutorial is mainly about how to transfer iPod songs to PS3. It provides three ways to do the job. It’s easy to understand, even you are computer newbie can handle with it.


iPod songs to PS3

Method 1:

  1. 1. Connect your iPod to the PS3 with a USB cable.
  2. 2. Select "Music" from the main menu CrossMediaBar (XMB), then "USB" and "Device" (iPod).
  3. 3. Open the "Music" folder. A series of folders will appear. You will see all songs saved on your iPod. Select any folder; press the triangle button on the PS3 controller, then select "Copy Multiple."
  4. 4. Press the circle button on the PS3 controller to get back to the main "Music" folder once copying is complete. That’s all, now your iPod songs are saved on your PS3.

When you sync songs from iTunes to iPod, iTunes has a special rule to rename all the iPod songs randomly, it look likes random 4-alphabet names. But after the songs copy to PS3, it will return to the correct name.
Disadvantage: It will take a really long time to copy songs from iPod to PS3. I have tested it. It cost me about an hour to copy 20 iPod songs to PS3.


Method 2:
If your computer build-in a CD/DVD burner. It would be a good idea to copy the iPod songs to computer and burn the songs to CD to import into PS3. It cost much less time than the Method1.


1. Download and install this iPod songs to PS3 transfer, lunch it. Connect your iPod to computer through the iPod cable, the iPod transfer will scan your iPod files and return a list of iPod songs.


Transfer iPod songs to PS3


2. Choose the songs you want to transfer to PS3. And then click Export. It will pop up a windows to ask you 'Export to Disk' or 'Export to iTunes'. Select the first option. And then the program will transfer your iPod songs to computer automatically.


3. Open Windows Media Player or iTunes, put a blank CD or DVD into your Computer Burner. Import the songs into WMP or iTunes to make a burn file list. And then start the bunrning. It would take a few minutes to finish it.


4. Put the CD or DVD into PS3, and then copy the songs to PS3 for playback, done.


This method is good for small iPod songs collection. But for thousands of iPod songs, you almost need 100 CDs to burn, that’s not cool.


Method 3:
If you have a flash drive, I’d strongly recommend you copy your iPod songs to flash drive at first, and then copy songs from the flash drive to PS3. It would be much faster, and you don’t need to burn any CD or DVD. You can follow Method2 to copy your iPod songs to computer hard drive, and then copy the songs to your flash drive for importing into PS3.

Free Download iPod Songs to PS3 Transfer

iPod Songs to PS3 Transfer

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