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How to transfer Apps Songs Games Photos from iPod touch and iPhone to computer

The new iPhone 5 has arrived, you will have one and you may want to transfer files from your old iPhone to the iPhone 5, including Apps, Contact, Song, Movie, Games, Photos, etc. Or your computer crashed and you lost iTunes library, you want to retrieve the lost files from iPhone or iPod touch back to iTunes. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do that. And it works for both PC and Mac.

Transfer iPod songs to computer iTunes

For iPhone and iPod touch Apps

1. Connect your iPhone or iPod to computer, and then iTunes will detect your device automatically. 

2. Right click on your iPhone or iPod in iTunes and select "Transfer Purchases". You should see a progress bar in iTunes and your phone should read “Sync in Progress”.

3. This process will copy all of your purchased files (including Apps, Games, Movie, etc.) into iTunes library, (Tips: In order not to miss Apps, you can select your iPhone in iTunes and then go to the "Applications" tab, and make sure that all of the apps are selected.)

4. If everything went as planned, all of your Apps, Games, Movies that were purchased on your iPhone or iPod touch should now appear in iTunes.

Transfer the non-purchased Apps from jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch

1. Install aptbackup from Cydia and run it to backup your apps. This will make a list of all your Cydia installed apps and put the list in a location that can be backed up by iTunes.

2. Sync with iTunes. Do the full backup. It may take you a while (It took me about 20 minutes to backup 4GB files). If you disabled backup in iTunes then you can still backup by right clicking on the device under “Devices” on the left and selecting “backup”. Do not get impatient and interrupt the backup. If you do, it will be corrupted and useless. You would lose everything on your restore. After the process finished, you should have a backup file.

3. If you want to transfer the Apps to another jailbreak iPhone or iPod, please continue. At first, you have to update your iPhone or iPod to the latest firmware, and then jailbreak it. Here is a guide regarding how to jailbreak iPhone

4. Using Cydia, install aptbackup. This is the most important part; do not skip any of it. The rest of this step will allow you to correct any problems you encounter in the next steps.
a) Install open SSH.
b) If you had 5 icon dock installed before the upgrade, install that now also.
c) Install BossPrefs

5. Restore your backup from iTunes. Just connect your iPhone or iPod to the computer and when asked, restore as a backup from whichever iPhone or iPod touch you had.

Transfer non-purchased songs from iPhone or iPod to computer iTunes

The above method works only for purchased thing. For the non-purchased songs or videos such as limewire free downloaded songs, CD ripped music, etc. You need a third party software to do that. I have tried many iPhone iPod transfer software and strongly recommend this iPhone iPod Transfer to you. Compare with others, this one works more stable and smoother. It also has Mac version.

Step1. Download and install iPod to computer transfer, after your iPod/iPhone connected to pc, Launch the program you will see the right UI. Normally, the program will search the device automatically; the files (songs/movies/playlist/photos) will be shown in the list.

Step2. Choose the list and files you want to transfer, Click the Start Transfer button.

Transfer iPod music to computer

Step3. After you clicking the Start Transfer button, the following window will pop up; you can choose transferring to computer hard drive or iTunes directly. You can set the output folder at settings option before transferring.

transfer ipod music to iTunes

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