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How to transfer songs from iPod touch to iTunes


I’m sure you will or already had this iPod problem. Your computer system crashed caused by viruses, or you get a new laptop, so you lost your iTunes library. And the music is still on your iPod touch. You do want to transfer the songs from iPod touch to the new iTunes instead of buy them again from iTunes store. And this tutorial will show you how to do that. It works for all Generations of iPod touch, even the jailbroken iPod touch.


The tool you need is this iPod touch File Transfer. I have tried many iPod touch transfers, and this one does work great. Moreover, It will keep the transferred songs play information - rating, playcount, name, artist, playlist, etc. No other iPod transfer can do that. Now, let's start the guide to transfer iPod touch songs to iTunes.



Transfer iPod touch songs to iTunes


Step1. Download the iPod touch File iTransfer, install and run it. Connect your iPod touch to computer through the cable. If the connection succeeds, it will show your iPod touch file information as below.


iPod touch file transfer

Step2. There are two modes for transferring iPod touch songs - Smart Mode & Manual Mode

One Smart Mode, the iPod touch File Transfer will automatically list and check the media files which are on your iPod touch and are not in iTunes library, so that you can only transfer necessary files to your iTunes instead of the whold iPod touch songs.

On Manual Mode, the iPod touch File Transfer will list all the songs on your iPod touch, and you can manually select the songs you want and transfer them to your iTunes or computer.


Transfer songs from iTouch to iTunes


Step3. After selecting the songs you want to transfer to computer or iTunes, just click "Transfer" button to start transfer. If you want to transfer iPod touch songs to iTunes directly, just tick "Transfer music, videos, playlist to iTunes too".


Transfer iPod touch songs to iTunes directly



Done. It couldn't be easier to transfer iPod songs to iTunes like that. If you are Mac user, you may try this iPod Touch File Transfer for Mac, the operation steps are the same, so I’m not repeating here.

Free Download iPod touch file transfer

iPod Touch File Transfer

File Size: 15 MB
Supported OS: Windows 9 / 8 / 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP ( 64/32 bit )
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